Just who ARE these two awesome authors?

Kim Norman and Rachelle Burk (or is it Rachelle Burk and Kim Norman?) are two awesome children's authors.

This is Rachelle
This is Kim.
 How are they different? How are they alike? Well, obviously their names are different. And they live in different states. But in many ways, they are more alike than they are different.

"So," you ask, "exactly how are they alike?"

1) Both are awesome (did we already say that?) 

2) Both live on the right coast of the US (Kim hails from Virginia, while Rachelle, a New Orleans native, resides in New Jersey.) 

3) Both write exclusively for children: Kim writes fiction picture books, often in rhyme. Rachelle writes picture books and magazine stories (fiction, nonfiction, and poetry) 

4) Both have written or worked for Kidsville News, an awesome free classroom newspaper available in many counties throughout the country.  

5) Both are, or have been, professional entertainers. Rachelle is a clown and storyteller; Kim has been a singer and actress. 

6) Both are devoted to encouraging a love of reading, and especially writing, in children. And they want to help parents and teachers inspire children, too.

7) .Both travel around the country to present awesome Author Visit Programs to school children. Really awesome school visit programs.

Rachelle and Kim        Rachelleburk@gmail.com